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ISSN : 1738-1894(Print)
ISSN : 2288-5471(Online)
Journal of Nuclear Fuel Cycle and Waste Technology Vol.5 No.3 pp.229-238

심지층 고준위폐기물 처분용기에 대한 설계요구조건 및 구조안전성 평가기준

Structural Design Requirements and Safety Evaluation Criteria of the Spent Nuclear Fuel Disposal Canister for Deep Geological Deposition

Young-Joo Kwon, Jong-Won Choi


In this paper, structural design requirements and safety evaluation criteria of the spent nuclear fuel disposal canister are studied for deep geological deposition. Since the spent nuclear fuel disposal canister emits high temperature heats and much radiation, its careful treatment is required. For that, a long term(usually 10,000 years) safe repository for the spent nuclear fuel disposal canister should be secured. Usually this repository is expected to locate at a depth of 500m underground. The canister which is designed for the spent nuclear fuel disposal in a deep repository in the crystalline bedrock is a solid structure with cast iron insert, corrosion resistant overpack and lid and bottom, and entails an evenly distributed load of hydrostatic pressure from underground water and high pressure from swelling of bentonite buffer. Hence, the canister must be designed to withstand these high pressure loads. If the canister is not designed for all possible external loads combinations, structural defects such as plastic deformations, cracks, and buckling etc. may occur in the canister during depositing it in the deep repository. Therefore, various structural analyses must be performed to predict these structural problems like plastic deformations, cracks, and buckling. Structural safety evaluation criteria of the canister are studied and defined for the validity of the canister design prior to the structural analysis of the canister. And structural design requirements(variables) which affect the structural safety evaluation criteria should be discussed and defined clearly. Hence this paper presents the structural design requirements(variables) and safety evaluation criteria of the spent nuclear fuel disposal canister.



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